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    I do love receiving a great Valentine from my husband. We spend a good deal of time picking out just the right sentiment and expression of our love and appreciation for each other. But I have discovered over the years that these cards are more than mere expressions, they are demonstrations of our commitment in words.

    If we look at 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 phrase by phrase, we can begin to apply the traits of love to specific aspects of relationships with people, especially those in our families:
    • Love is patient and gentle with people.
    • Love is kind and gracious to people.
    • Love is not jealous or envious of others.
    • Love is not prideful, haughty boastful or bragging when talking to others.
    • Love does not act unbecomingly, rudely, or selfishly when working with others.
    • Love is not irritable, touchy, or demanding of its own way.
    • Love does not remember every wrong thing you ever did; it does not take personal offense. Love does not harbor bitterness, resentment or hold grudges.
    • Love is devoted to truth; it take no pleasure in someone else's sin. It is never glad about injustice, but rather rejoices when truth wins out.
    • Love is loyal despite difficult times or sacrifice.
    • Love says, "I believe the best about you. I expect your best and I will defend you, endure with you, and protect you in 'all things.'"

    Our love for others is fully love when it is acted out, when it is more than just what we feel. We show that no matter what the world throws our way, we are committed to each other -- the whole year through!

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