"When I walked into Entrusted I was a mom excited to hear what the Bible said about parenting. When I walked out I was a confident, equipped mom, passionate to point my kids to Christ.” —Liz

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Scripture Memory Wallpapers

The world is changing, but God’s Word never does! Keep it right at your fingertips!

We believe memorizing Scripture is key to transforming us as mothers. And this resource makes sure you always have access to it! This diverse group of images was created to be your phone wallpaper to help you memorize Scripture. Check out the gallery below to see the entire series.

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Discipleship Videos with Dave Corning

Dad's are leading the charge and we want to equip them too!

Known for his kind approach and uncompromising dedication to Christ, Dave Corning uses visual tools and Scripture to communicate powerful gospel truths. This 6-episode video series is a fantastic resource to help dads initiate spiritual conversations with their growing children. It’s also helpful for those wanting to better understand the essentials of the Christian faith—and really for all of us to have a refresher! We offer the following hour-long videos for free because we just can’t keep a great thing to ourselves. 

Episode 1 - Introduction to the Bible and the Gospel Message
Episode 2 - What God Wants You to Know about Your Salvation
Episode 3 - Prayer - Talking to Your Heavenly Father
Episode 4 - You Don’t Have to Sin
Episode 5 - Confession, Repentance, and Forgiveness
Episode 6 - Biblical Wisdom: Making God Honoring Choices

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Every Day Before You Say Chart
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While there are no magic wands in parenting, there are tips and tricks that turn out to be pure gold, and this is one of them. With consistency and faithfulness, The Every Day Before You Say Chart can be key to establishing healthy life disciplines.

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This helpful system was the topic of an entire episode on the Again podcast. Click below to hear Betsy and Stephanie on Episode 14, 'Repeating Yourself Again and Again? You might need the "Every Day Before You Say Chart"'!

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Read Through the Bible in 2024

Grab your friends –– this is the year!

We’ve put together several guides to help you have a plan for prioritizing your devotional life. These reading schedules are chronological so the events of the Bible are in sequential order to give you a better understanding of the context. Would you read a 2,000 page book and skip around, still expecting to comprehend the storyline? Reading through the entire Bible chronologically in this way gives you a wonderful overview of God’s progressive revelation to us. If you’ve never read through the Bible before, this is a wonderful time to begin! And if you have… you’ll never regret doing it again!


The first reading schedule is a plan to read through the Bible in one year. This may seem like a mad rush in some ways, but it is a powerful discipline! Ready to invest in the most worthy endeavor?

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Are you convinced of the importance of reading God’s Word consistently, but your lifestyle requires a more realistic pace? We get it! Whether you’re a busy parent of young ones or a professional with lots on your plate, the two-year plan requires commitment and consistency, but will help you can stay faithful and fruitful, no matter your season!

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Perhaps you’re planning to dig deep each day! Take the time to be transformed by Scripture with our Three-Year Plan! Don’t just get through The Word—be renewed by it!

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Coming in Winter 2023, Get the Word Out, a Bible Reading Curriculum!


We have devised some tips and tools to help you grasp some deeper themes of the Bible. One of these tools is the Color Chart. As you read, you will reference this 14-color guide to decide how to underline the verses you read. Reading about how God intervened to rescue His people? Get out your dark green! Reading a prophetic verse about the coming Messiah? Find your red for Jesus, and medium purple for prophesy! See a verse about imparting wisdom to your children, get out yellow for family, and perhaps dark pink for righteous choices. The plan is to see Christ more clearly in the Scriptures and to notice themes as you read the Word. Color Chart Bookmarks are a helpful tool for ministries to offer.

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This plan evenly divides Scripture throughout the year. All on one helpful sheet you can tuck into your Bible, this plan spaces out the chapters of Scripture so you read 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

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